I admit that I’m a crazy cat lady. I might not have 10 cats running around in my soiled kitchen but I’ve got two and that’s enough to keep me busy loving them on a daily basis. The only thing I didn’t enjoy on a daily basis was the kitty litter that was being tracked around my bathroom…ick!

Nobody wants to walk on that with bare feet no matter how many cats you have. So I came up with my own solution!

Fret no more, because we just made a cat tested (and approved!) hidden litter box that will fool your guests and save your floors from litter crumbs (ick)!

You walk into a beautiful home and just can’t help but bask in the beauty of it all. It’s pristine, serene and the perfect place for two kittens to be running around.

Then you walk into the bathroom where the bidet is waiting patiently and the porcelain bathtub sparkles like a gem. It’s when you turn around that the enchantment of the house quickly disappears because there in the corner is a big, ugly litter box. No matter how hard the manufacturers try to make these things presentable, they’re still just plain ugly.

Of course, there’s always the litter box hidden in the plant, but let’s face it: it’s tacky.

The plant’s fine, the pot is not.

After spending months upon months searching for the best solution to our litter box problems, I decided that we’d make our own! It started with a cabinet like this from Ikea.

Upon measuring the girth of our Eddybug, we made sure that he would have enough room to take care of business and feel secure.

Then we purchased a kitty door like this….…and put it into the SIDE of the cabinet. (*side note: we also placed a little stool next to the cabinet so they could walk right into the ‘second floor’).
This way, when a guest used our bathroom they would think that our cabinet was simply a nice stand-alone bathroom cabinet (and if they peeked to see our meds, they’d instead get a very interesting surprise). Don’t worry, we placed a small little trashcan on the side with a lid so the kitties could easily reach the kitty door that was located on the second floor.

Not only do the kitties LOVE this new playplace, but they also feel like they have a little more privacy. And to our happiness, there is NO litter box to be seen (except for when we open the doors!) Problems solved — not to mention that there are NO MORE TRAILS OF LITTER! The cabinet catches it all before they exited out the cat door and it’s easy to wipe out when cleaned. Hallelujah! The kitties would now like to show you their amazing, hidden litter box:

I’m sitting on TOP of my pretty litter box.
We like to hang out in our litter box, too.
Here’s where I make-a-da-POOPIES!

Now, of course you need to remember that enclosed spaces will need to be sanitized and disinfected often. We would use antibacterial wipes on there and make sure that all surfaces were clean. Amazingly, it was never really a mess! The kitties must have felt that their space should be tidy, as well.

What do you think of our hidden litter box? Do you like it? Leave us comments below or share your hidden litter box solutions! We’d love to hear from you.