Find the PURR-FECT Gift For Your Crazy Cat Lady Here!

I’m continuously scouring through Amazon and the internet to find the best cat gifts for your cat lady (or cat man) friends here so you don’t have to. I’ll be updating this page frequently so it will always be a work in progress. Let me know if you have any gifts that you’d like to see mentioned!

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set

crazy cat lady action figureWhat’s better than a crazy cat lady and her 6 cats? A Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure and her 6 Cats! With grody bathrobe and gnarly hair, this cat lady action figure is the real deal. You can find this gem for under $15 here: Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set.

Crazy Cat Lady Game

The objective of this game is “the player with the most cats wins!” Can’t every cat lady apply this objective to her own life? I think so! Charm your crazy cat friends with this game – the perfect birthday or cat anniversary gift! Find it here for about $16 Crazy Cat Lady Game

Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book

This Crazy Cat Lady coloring book is perfect for those ladies that are seasoned cat ladies or are just starting out. Coloring in cats is a therapeutic way to feel better about those spilled tuna moments in life. Find it for under $10 here: Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book by Animewild

Crazy Cat Lady Bandages

When Cuddles gets that devil look in her eye and scratches the hell out of your arm, just know that you can show your cat love all over your body with these adorable crazy cat lady bandages. They’re sure to start a conversation at the animal shelter. Find them here for about $7: Crazy Cat Lady Bandages

Crazy Cat Lady Collectible Bobblehead Figure

There’s nothing closer to the perfect gift than a bobblehead crazy cat lady holding her beloved cat. Add this to your collection of crazy cat lady keepsakes for about $20: Crazy Cat Lady Collectible Bobblehead Figure

Dress-Up Crazy Cat Lady Reusable Cling Stickers

Dress that cat lady up for her next date with Muffins with these reusable crazy cat lady cling stickers. Perfect for a night in with a tuna casserole and ten cats! Find it here for about $20: Dress-Up Crazy Cat Lady 110 Reusable Cling Stickers


Crazy Cat Lady Gift Catopoly

Is there really a better board game than Monopoly? There is for crazy cat ladies! Catopoly has a lot in common with the classic board game but is all about cats and more cats! You can choose to be a fish, a ball of yarn and a can of sardines as you make your way around the board. Find it here for about $20: Cat-Opoly

‘Sorry I Can’t…I Have Plans With My Cat’ T-Shirt

This beautiful t-shirt will let your friends know who your best friend REALLY is. If you’ve got a hard time telling people that you have plans with your cat for a romantic evening in, then this shirt will help you get it allll out there. And, it’s only, like, $5! Find the shirt here: Sorry I cant..I Have Plans With My Cat Mens & Ladies Unisex Fit Slogan T-Shirt Small

The Lego Movie Mrs. Scratchen-Post Cat Lady Mini-figure

Add class to every single one of your Lego creations with this mini-figure of Mrs. Scratchen-Post from The Lego Movie. (Or give it to a child and watch the confusion in their eyes.) Less than $12 here: The Lego Movie Mrs. Scratchen-Post Cat Lady Minifigure Series 71004

‘Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too’ Book

There’s no such thing as a politically incorrect cat lady – so here’s a shoutout to our male cat ladies! It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you’ve got…you CAN be a cat lady TOO! Get the book for under $10 here: Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too

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